Glitsy Girls Mobile Salon

      party Add-ons

*Create your own Roxy Grace beauty product (choice of either Meteor Bath Rox, Bath Fizzes and Body Scrub- $10/child

*Temporary Colored Hair Mascara- $1/child

*Feather Boas- $2/child                                                                       

*Princess Tiaras - $2/child                                                                        

*Beaded Necklace-$2/child                                                                       

*Princess Dresses-$5/child

*Please note - Glitsy Girls assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents caused during the party. Glitsy Girls will not be responsible for any allergic reactions due to makeup, or other beauty products. If you cancel the party for any reason you will forfeit the booking fee.

*Extended travel fees are applied to parties located outside of a 15 mile radius from my home in Middletown, CT. for $1.50 per mile.

Party Specifics and Guidelines

*** A $30 non-refundable party booking fee is required in order to reserve your date and time.  An additional date may also be reserved in inclement weather months!

***I will arrive 30 minutes before party to setup. If possible please have a parking space nearby

***I suggest having another activity for the children to work on while waiting for their spa service(s). Our Roxy Grace make your own lip balm, meteor bath rox, bath fizzies and body scrubs are a perfect activity!

***I will call two days prior to party to confirm time and party numbers.

***Please let me know if there are any allergies or sensitivities I should be aware of . Please see the Roxy Grace page for an entire list of product ingredients.

Glitsy Girls Mobile Salon Party Guidelines

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Glitsy Girls Mobile Salon