Mini Manicure

Includes nails filed, buffed, painted and nail art applied to one finger

per hand


Basic Hairstyles  

Custom Made Glitter Tattoo

Children can pick and design their very own glitter tattoo which lasts up to seven days


Mini-Makeup Application

 Includes blush, eye-shadow, lip gloss and glitter powder



Includes facial cleansing, moisturizing mask, cucumber eye treatment, hand massage, and a facial massage


Princess Boot CAMP 7/7/2015 and 7/9/2015 9-11am

             Princess hairstyles or mini-manicures, crafts, tea party, Roxy Grace Bath Rox Station, dress up and dancing to a disco ball -$20/child

                 hosted at Hair Unlimited located at 564 Main Street in Cromwell. Call Tracy at 203-578-0489 to reserve your spot today!!


                                                                                            *THEMED PARTIES ARE ENCOURAGED!!

Take a look at all of our new and upcoming fashions that are hot right now. This season is sure to turn heads in every direction! 

Includes use of curling iron, crimper, braids, princess bun or basic hairstyle of choice



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Glitsy Girls Mobile Salon